It's why things get worse over time. Bad money drives out good (fiat currency vs. rare metals). This is also true regarding the declining quality of discussion over the lifetime of the internet.
"Troll" on today's social media doesn't mean the same as it did in the early days of the internet where trolls actually had value(they kept the quality of conversation high through a form of community self-moderation). This kind of troll is rarely found today due to social media's general politburo censorship style.
This has allowed for a proliferation of follow the "thought leaders" and barely any discussion with substance as these platforms are echo chambers for the dying forms of media funded by party dollars. Anything that requires unnecessary complexity over long periods of time is usually hiding some kind of systemic evil.
The good news is that these bad systems of currency, discussion, art, law or cuisine and any other human endeavour always end up collapsing under the weight of their own bullshit.

It's why Atlas always ends up shrugging, tips his hat and steps out the door ...